About Us

About Reppify

Reppify allows companies to utilize the aggregated social networks of their employee base to drive two key imperatives: talent sourcing and lead generation.
Reppify customers include high-growth startups, mid-market and large enterprise organizations, HR solution providers, and individual job candidates. Founded in 2009, Reppify is headquartered in San Francisco, with additional offices in Southern California and Northern India.


Reppify’s core technologies form the foundation of our competitive advantage: Automated, on-demand, and partner-sourced data capture protocols; Proprietary reputation, ranking, and analytics engine; and Data matching and aggregation.


Over the years, employees have built prolific individual social and professional networks. Conservatively averaging 100 unique connections per person, a company with 10,000 employees has an aggregated network of 1 million people. To this point, any benefit gained by the company in this enormous ‘enterprise social network’ has been through manual processes. Reppify has changed that with two very powerful, simple-to-use pieces of software that search against criteria of the company employee connections.

Reppify Leads allows sales teams to search for connections at target companies, geographical regions, industries or job roles. After selecting the desired criteria, (for example: “All CEOs in the San Francisco area,” or “VPs of Human Resources at financial companies in the New York area with 5,000 employees or more), the system finds anyone connected to an employee that meets that criteria and gives the sales person the ability to reach out to ask for an introduction.

Key distinctions:

  • Change in sales reachout philosophy to soft leads, rather than cold calls (40% opportunity for a first meeting vs. 1-3%)
  • Discovery of a vast bounty of friendly leads in the connections of company employees that companies haven’t been able to leverage to this degree.
  • Identify and connect with key stakeholders much quicker through the power of a connected introduction.

Reppify Talent allows recruiters to create a job requisition in our system with granular, detailed, weighted requirements, then plug in their aggregated company network, as well as their past candidate databases and incoming applicants. Each network is vetted in the background and recruiters immediately receive scored, stack-ranked lists of the best fits for that position.

Key distinctions:

  • Instantaneous engagement with the best candidates from all company networks for a particular job
  • Greatly reduced reliance and spend on staffing agencies and job boards
  • Overwhelming efficiency gains in speed to hire, as well as sourcing and vetting top candidates

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