The Challenge

Large hiring volume and substantial recruiting costs

100,000 new hires per year

In 2014, our client hired roughly 100,000 new employees through several channels - recruiting agencies, job boards, company website, and the Reppify platform.

Ballooning recruiting costs

Traditional recruiting costs range from $4,285 to well over $18,000 per hire, which adds up for companies with a substantial hiring volume.

The Solution

Reppify + an extensive employee network

Employee Smart Matching

With Reppify Recruit, each client employee is shown their connections matched to open jobs within the company in real time. That’s hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of connections matched to over 10,000 open jobs, in seconds.

3+ million matches

From data sampled in 2014, we found that Reppify generated over 3 million matches between open our client's jobs and employee connections.

That’s a lot of potential candidates for every job.

Full control over contacting matches

Once a match is identified, the employee has a choice to contact their connection before referring them to our client - empowering the employee to refer only candidates who are qualified and interested in the job.

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