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Reppify a proud winner of the prestigious Best Advance in Employee Referral Technology – 17 December 2020

Reppify is pleased to announce we have won a coveted Brandon Hall Group award for excellence in the Best Advance in Employee Referral Technology category.

More to come in the new year!

HR Tech 2019: 10 innovations for a more inclusive world

One of the presenters, Reppify’s Chirag Nangia, called on HR to do a better job with employee referrals. “Referrals often make the best employees,” he said, noting that they have the lowest termination rates of all employees, are 30% less likely to quit and are the least costly to recruit–even when factoring in referral bonuses for the referring employees. However, Nangia added, at too many companies the referral process is manual and outdated, which can cause the organization to potentially miss out on some valuable hires.

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Reppify named one of the Ideas and Innovators in HR – 4 October, 2019

Join Reppify at the world-famous HR Tech Expo in Las Vegas. Reppify has been named one of the “Ideas and Innovators in HR” and our CEO, Chirag Nangia, will be presenting on Friday at the flagship session. Come find out how innovative uses of technology can help you ramp up your own employee referral program!

Join Reppify CEO Chirag Nangia as he speaks on the Secret of Referrals at IBM Think 2018 in Las Vegas – 21 March, 2018

Referral hires are the most profitable hires, are 30% less likely to quit (Burks et al), have the lowest termination rates, and are 1/10th of average cost per hire. However, many companies miss out on employee referrals due to inadequate employee referral programs that don’t engage employees. IBM created a high-performing referral program that increased employee participation and used AI to generate high-quality referrals, tapping into employees’ existing network contacts to create pools of potential referral candidates, and letting IBM employees and recruiters see the best matches. Find out how innovative uses of technology can help you ramp up your own employee referral program.

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CompTIA – 5 September, 2017

“Inside the World of Corporate Recruiting”

“Reppify is all about passive candidate discovery,” he said. “For instance, a company with 10,000 employees is likely to have over a million people connected directly to the company through it’s employees networks. Reppify helps companies tap into these networks to find the best candidates, efficiently, while benefitting the employees [who] attain referral bonuses while helping their friends.”

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Entrepreneur magazine – 27 February, 2017

“The Secret Way Big Companies Hire Via Employee Referral”

“Another option is to use a tool like Reppify, which matches an employee’s networks with open positions at his or her company. All employees have to do is create a referral via the mobile app. They can even prioritize the friends they know who are looking for a new job.”

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Join Reppify and Accenture at Talent Acquisition Technology Conference in Austin, Texas – 15-16 November, 2016

Reppify Founder & CEO, Chirag Nangia, will be speaking, along with Purnima Kumar, Global Strategic Sourcing Lead for Talent Acquisition at Accenture and Hailey Herleman, Smarter Workforce Executive at IBM, on how Accenture has transformed its global Employee Referral Hiring program with the help of Reppify.

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Reppify and IBM Kenexa Team Up to Bring Innovative Social Sourcing & Referrals to Market – 18 October, 2016

“Reppify was able to demonstrate that their approach worked to generate substantially higher numbers of employee referrals while leading to better job matching. This is a win-win situation, making it easier for candidates to find jobs they’re a good fit for and giving the company better referrals faster to save time and money.”

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Join Reppify at the IBM Summit in Boston panel on “Partner Up for New HR Technologies” – 7 September, 2016

The world of HR technology and systems continues to expand and with this comes challenges in how to incorporate new and interesting technologies into your HR product portfolio. Join our panel of partners to learn about how organizations like you are leveraging partners through Open HR to integrate cutting edge technology into their work to enhance their HR processes. In this session we will explore the types of partners our customers are using, the integration technology used, and some real life examples of how this approach helps to streamline and compliment existing products.

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Reppify Founder Chirag Nangia Interviewed at the HR TechXpo – 19 August, 2016

Chirag is interviewed on the future of HR Technology by Dr. Greg Ketchum

“Watch Chirag’s interview on Reppify, referrals, and the future of technology in HR.”

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