Diversity and Inclusion
Grow your business through diversity

Recruiting processes are usually shaped by unconscious bias and, in general, aren't built to increase diversity. Reppify can help you solve this problem with the D&I module.

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Increase diversity, increase productivity

Treating diversity as a business strategy creates a culture where every person is valued by their singularities. Multicultural visions result in more innovative outcomes.

Prioritize diversity

You can set up the module for your company's needs - create different campaigns and increase the hiring of specific employee groups.

Neutralize biases

Hire talent by their skills and let go of conscious and unconscious biases.

We're not alone

We've had help from D&I specialists in order to offer the best solution for your company

Developed in partnership

With an award-winning research paper from the University of Washington, “Social Hiring: The Right LinkedIn Connection that Helps You Land a Job”.

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