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Diversity and Inclusion

Leverage existing employee connections to expand the pool of diverse talent

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Alumni Networks

Grow your network with previous students and employees to reach your organization’s goals

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Case Studies

See how Reppify's solutions have helped a leading global consulting firm's recruiting process

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Diversity and Inclusion

Increase diversity. Increase creativity. Increase productivity.

Diversity and inclusion is a recruiting problem

Every company can benefit from a diverse workforce through increased productivity, creativity, and problem solving. However, most hiring and recruiting processes aren't built to increase diversity.

Reppify makes increasing diversity a breeze

"Referrals were #1 as the ‘most productive’ source for diversity hires." Reppify allows you to target specific employee groups to expand your diverse candidate pool. Forget competing for the same pool of diverse talent. Neutralize conscious and unconscious biases in talent management decisions.

Alumni Networks

Easily connect recent graduates with companies in alumni networks

Create student-alumni groups

Our mobile app allows alumni to connect with recent graduates through a university’s trusted network.

Alumni Recommendation

With smart groups, alumni can make targeted referrals for recent graduates to their companies.

Go beyond university alumni

Know a previous executive that was great when they worked for you? It’s likely they have learned additional skills in the meantime and know more great people for your company. Utilize Reppify’s platform to harness the power of previous employees’ networks through a company alumni group.

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